It’s really strange that this -hard to find!- Little Square (La Plaza de Cooperation de Rosario) in Rosario with this modest monument is one of only a few things that reminds the world that Ernesto Guevara was born in this City in Argentina. If you know the story and legacy about Che you know why. But still …

It’s awkward that in Argentina at every corner there are dozens of Maradonna statues or reminders and there ar not that many places that reminds you that Che Guevara was born here. The future will correct past and present.

The building where Che Guevara lived during his first years, on 480 Entre Ríos St., Rosario, Argentina

 …Few metres from this square Ernesto “Che” Guevara was born.

A “Rosarino” who fought for a society more rightious and social…

These are pictures in the original House in Rosario (400 km north of Buenos Aires) where Che was born. The house is not open for public and unfortunately nothing reminds of it that here “El Che” was born! We were really fortunate to find the current owner who especially opened this house for us. .. I had a warm feeling when I saw it.